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AK Spine and Ortho Clinic established in 2019

        Dr Ashwinkumar Khandge is a dual fellowship(National and International) trained Orthopedic Spine surgeon. He is one of the few spine surgeons in India who have trained under the official 2 year fellowship program of the ” Association of Spine Surgeons of India”( ASSI) at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai. He is trained in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery(MIS) and Full-Endoscopic spine surgery. The training at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai was under the pioneer of MIS surgery in India, Dr Arvind G Kulkarni and Dr Vishal Kundnani where he was trained in 

  • Tubular microendoscopic spine surgery
  • Computer-Navigation guided spine surgery
  • Complex spine surgeries
  • Minimally invasive lumbar fusions and complex cervical spine surgeries
  • Deformity surgery, and paediatric spinal disorders

        He further pursued his Fellowship in Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery at the department of Neurosurgery in prestigious Catholic University of Korea, St. Marys Hospital, Seoul, South Korea under world re-nowned Neuro-Spine Surgeon Prof. Dr. Jin-Sung Kim. The doctor trained in advanced

  • O-Arm Computer Navigated Spine Surgery
  • Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Surgery
  • Full-Endoscopic Inter-Laminar Endoscopy
  • Oblique Lumbar Inter-body Fusion (OLIF) Surgery

        Dr Ashwinkumar Khandge has trained in both Orthopaedic Spine surgery and Neuro-Spine Surgery. 

        He is a firm believer in non-operative conservative management of all spine ailments with emphasis on life-style modification and exercise. He reserves his surgical armamentarium for the patients who fail conservative management.




  • Publications in Esteemed Scientific Journals:
    1. Modified Interlaminar Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy for Highly Up-Migrated Disc Herniation: A Proctorship Description of the Technique via Translaminar Route

As First Author. Accepted for publication in NASS/Neurospine 2ndEdition of Endoscopic Spine Surgery in June 2020

  1. The Practice of continuation of Anti Platelet Therapy during the Peri-operative period in Lumbar Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery(MISS): How Different is the Morbidity in this Scenario?

Published in “SPINE” Journal; December 2019

  1. Nasogastric Tube in anterior cervical spine surgery, is it necessary?

Published in “Journal of Craniovertebral junction and Spine” ; October 2019

  1. Full-Endoscopic Removal of Sheared Lumbar Epidural Catheter Fragment

Published in “WORLD NEUROSURGERY Journal”; February 2020

  1. Operative management of paediatric Supracondylar fractures of Humerus Extension type: The Results of K-wire Placement

Published in Peer-reviewed “International Journal of Medical Research and Review” in April- 2016 issue

  1.   “Traumatic Posterior Hip Dislocation In A 9 Year Child: A Case                       

           Report” Published in Peer-reviewed “IOSR Journal of Pharmacy” July 2016

  1. Reliability of goniometry to determine the hip range of motion” Published      Published in “International Journal of Surgery & Orthopaedics”; September 2017


Patient 1:

We visited Dr Ashwin last year as my father had severe back pain after lifting weights. We were advised surgery 2 years back, but after meeting the doctor he thoroughly explained us the problem of spondylolisthesis and told that this condition is common in the population. He also told us that all the patients do not require surgery and advised simple back exercises and modification in his activities. He prevented an unnecessary surgery for my father. Doctor patiently listens to the problems an explains thoroughly. We recommend Dr Ashwin to any patient seeking spine care.

Dhiraj G

Patient 2:

I had severe neck pain and arm pain since quite a some time but ignored it. I am a Senior software developer with administrative responsibilities and long work hours. But this time the pain was very severe and I was unable to work. I visited DR and he advised an MRI after examination. The MRI had prolapsed disc at the C56 level. I got tensed as I thought it meant surgery as for several colleagues in my field who had similar issue. I was surprised as the doctor recommended a neck support brace and medications and asked me to be calm as there wasn’t any weakness in the hand. He told me that 80-90 percent discs resolve naturally within 4-6 weeks and asked me to be patient. I trusted him and after 3-4 weeks I was completely pain free and back to work as usual. The pain happens once in a while but is completely avoidable if I take the necessary precautions as told by dr. I am very happy as dr Khandge helped me avoid a spine surgery.

Mrs. M.A (name not disclosed for privacy)


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